Tire Repair Kit, 6660829EF


Kit includes:

  • Red, heavy-duty molded plastic case
  • 30 seals per kit
  • Insertion needle
  • Lubrication
  • Spare set screw
  • Insertion tool
  • Spiral probe
  • 2 razor blades
  • 1 Allen wrench
  • Complete instructions

California Proposition 65: WARNING

In stock

Make emergency tire repairs in minutes! With the insertion tool, tires can be repaired quickly, with little effort.

• Eliminate down-time

• No more waiting for a tire to be repaired

• Designed for heavy duty use

• Repairs all types of pneumatic tubeless tires

• Repair cords made of 21 plys of synthetic yarn

• 100% self vulcanizing, no extra cement required

• Soft, pliable repair cords conform to shape of puncture inside and outside of tire

• Forms air tight seal

Choose EarthForce parts as your all makes supplier for all your maintenance and replacement needs.

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