DIRT TERRAIN 5.7 x 12 (23X5.7) - Bolt Circle 4.5", 7277213EF


• Solid, flat-proof tires with sidewalls designed to prevent cuts and cracks in aggressive terrain

• Partially pneumatic design provides air-cushioned ride, reducing machine shock for driver comfort

• Deep lug treads provide improved traction and great shock absorption for machine longevity and driver comfort.

• Designed for dirt terrain such as loose dirt, ground, sand, mud and snow

• Tire with rim included

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Choose the Dirt Terrain pattern for the ultimate off-road experience. It stabilizes the skid steer loader with plenty of tread grip, ensuring superior traction on any terrain. Used for jobs like lifting materials, demolition, ground or snow plowing, or grading.

Specific Applications: Suitable for dirt, ground, sand, mud, snow, or quarry & mining fields

More Information

Pneumatic Equivalent 5.7X12
Outside Diameter x Tire Width 23" X 5.7"
Bolt Hole Distance Across 4.5"
Base Right or Left
Rim Diameter 12"
Number of Bolt Holes 5
Tread Depth 1.7"
Rated Load 2863 lbs.
Tire Weight 87 lbs.
Model Compatibility

Compatible with most brands of machines including Bobcat, Gehl, and Thomas. Verify specs and specific model compatibility prior to ordering.

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